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Annuity Reviews - Their Value

Annuity Review - Their Value

An Annuity Review is a valuable way to determine if your current annuity is meeting your goals, objectives, time horizon and risk tolerance. An Annuity Review is especially important if your annuity was created some time ago, since your goals may have changed over the years. Here's how the Annuity Review process works:


  1. We make assessments of your existing annuity products to ensure they are in line with your financial goals, objectives, time horizon and risk tolerance.
  2. We review the features and benefits of your current annuity to compare it to the ultimate benefit for which it is intended, such as tax deferral, death benefits or income needs.
  3. We review and compare your overall investment portfolio to ensure it is in alignment with the above financial goals, objectives, time horizon and risk tolerance.
  4. Once all of the prudent information in the areas of financial goals and objectives, product assessments features and benefits with any available riders that you may be eligible to take advantage of such as living benefits rider that can create guaranteed withdrawal rate.
  5. We present side by side comparison that shows the fees, cost, surrender period /charge features benefits and available living benefits riders.

       With all things considered, your best options will be presented to you.

To request without any obligation consultation feel free to contact us at (800) 560-1988 or email us at to receive a free PDF booklet entitled Variable Annuities: What You Should Know (JHFNSECVABRO w/08 SEC pub. No. 011 (03/10).