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At Ametrine Wealth Strategies , the financial management process that we practice and have developed over the years begins with an in-depth evaluation of your current financial situation. Once we've established your overall objectives, we focus on your specific goals.

With changing economic conditions and market swings, we advocate investing sensibly over the long run and maintaining an adequate level of insurance coverage. We work with you side by side so that you are confident in and comfortable with the financial suggestions we make.


Among the services we offer are the following:

  • Qualified and Non- Qualified Plans
  • Retirement Strategies
  • Estate Conservation
  • IRA/SEP Keogh/Roth IRA/401(k)
  • Survivorship Life Insurance
  • Individual Stocks
  • Individual Bonds 
  • Life Insurance
  • Annuities
  • Mutual Funds
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • and California Partnership for Long Term Care
  • Personal Financial Analysis
  • Disability Income Insurance
  • Wealth Management Account
  • College Education Account (529 Plan)
  • Coverdell Education Savings Account (Formerly the Education IRA)

Comprehensive financial planing


Access to stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange, and the Over-the-Counter market.


A wide range of fixed income investments including government, municipal, and corporate bonds.

Market-Linked CDs (MLCDs) are FDIC insured certificates of deposit that provide for the return of one's original deposit amount when held to maturity, while also offering the potential for capital appreciation based on the performance of a specific market measure.

Unit Investment Trust

A fixed portfolio of securities (equity or fixed income) to meet a wide variety of investment objectives.

  • Limited Partnerships
  • Mutual Funds
  • Managed Accounts
  • Annuities

We offer high quality, innovative Annuity Products that can provide a state of the art guaranteed stream of income options that fit well with today's market uncertainty . Choose from deferred and immediate annuities ( variable and fixed rates of return).

Life Insurance

High quality, competitively priced Life Insurance products, including permanent, term, combination and variable policies.

Investment Products & Services

Our Investment Products and services will help you achieve your financial goals at every stage of your life. Here is a sampling of products and services we offer which may be appropriate for you:

Long-Term Care Insurance

Comprehensive Long-Term Care Insurance reimburses some or all of the costs of care received in settings such as the home, the community, alternate living facilities or nursing facilities.

Disability Income Insurance

Most of us take our health and the ability to work for granted. We prefer not to think about what would happen if we could not work. However, we need to think about it when doing any financial planning. For most of us, being unable to work would mean no income, and it would threaten our security and independence. We can offer you:

Personal and Business Disability Insurance
Income Replacement
Coverage for Overhead Expenses
Disability Buyout

Estate Planning

Six Reasons to Plan Your Estate

Estate Planning is an easy thing to put off. Maybe you think it's too early; maybe you think your estate is too small. Here are six good reasons why you should plan your estate now:

  1. You decide who receives a share of your assets.
  2. You decide how and when your beneficiaries will receive their inheritance.
  3. You decide who will manage your estate (executor, trustee, etc.).
  4. You can reduce estate taxes and administrative expenses.
  5. You select a guardian for your minor child.
  6. You can provide for the orderly continuance or sale of a family business.

Without a plan:

  1. State law determines who inherits your assets. Your estate could pass to an estranged relative.
  2. The terms and timing are set by state law. Your children could be given unfettered control of a sizable estate.
  3. The court appoints administrators (whose ideas may not be compatible with your own).
  4. Costs may be greater due to required administrative expenses and unnecessary taxes.
  5. The court appoints a guardian for your minor child.
  6. Financial loss and family hardships may result from an untimely forced sale of estate assets. 

Retirement Planning

  • Investing for your retirement is more important than ever
  • Americans live longer and retire younger than ever

The average retiree leaves the workforce at 62 years of age.¹. Since life expectancy at 62 is now an additional 23.5 years,² you need to plan for a long retirement. Also, consider that by definition, 50% of the population lives longer than their life expectancy. The longer your retirement, the more money you'll need.
1 EBRI, 2003. 2 IRS Publication 575.

Why Financial Planning is Important

Reaching Your Goals in today's financial world is more challenging than ever. Investment options seem infinite, information is everywhere, and markets can be volatile. That's why it's so important to work with an experienced financial professional who can help you navigate the wide range of opportunities available and keep you on track toward your goals.

To discuss any of our services with Ametrine Wealth Strategies , please call us at (800) 560-1988 or

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