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Life Insurance Reviews - Their Value

A Life Insurance Review is a very valuable way to determine if your current policy or multiple policies are meeting your goals, objectives, time horizon and risk tolerance. It is especially valuable if your policies were issued some time ago, as your needs may have changed over time. What follows is the standard process of a Life Insurance Review:

  1. We make assessments of your existing life insurance products to ensure they are in line with your financial goals and objectives, time horizon and risk tolerance.
  2. We order the InForce illustration of your life insurance product to prove the current integrity of the policy and future performance forecasts.
  3. Together we determine if your existing product is the best option to meet your financial objectives such as estate planning strategies, business successions, income replacements, mortgage coverages, family needs planning, or death/wealth benefits.
  4. We find out whether fees, costs, planned premiums, features & benefits are worth it when compared to what might be available in today’s circumstances

Other options to consider:

The availability of purchasing both life insurance and long-term care protection, if you’re looking to address both needs in a single policy with LTC.

The Critical Illness Benefit Rider

Life insurance may protect from the financial burden associated with a critical illness diagnosis. Especially when the recovery rate for fatal conditions like cancer, heart attacks, and strokes have improved dramatically.


With all things being considered, the best options will be presented to you. For current policy holders, we can help you to access your current situations.

Feel free to contact us at (800) 560-1988 or email us at to receive a PDF of a free booklet entitled Life Insurance Buyer’s Guide (NB5153US).


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